Lightning Junkies is a podcast that was born out of obsession. Complete obsession with the Lightning Network, an obsession with Bitcoin. Most importantly, an obsession with knowledge. It is this obsession that pushed us to make a podcast. It continues to push us to find better ways to share what we know.

What better way to learn than talking to the most electrifying of Lightning experts? We have had guests from all corners of the Lightning ecosystem that have kept us up to date with the Lightning Network universe.

We hope that we teach you as you teach us. See you on the Lightning Network!


Chaz is the visionary lunatic and Bitcoin/Lightning Network researcher. He has existed as a skeptical but still curious cyborg since youth. That curiosity is the same one that brought him into the podcasting world. With over two years of dabbling in Lightning, he jumped into the podcasting world to learn more. He spends his free time learning more about Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and just about anything technology related.


Cat functions as the resident organizer and audio editor of Lightning Junkies. He is a line cook that tripped and fell into the wonderful world of Bitcoin. While currently lacking the tech skills he wants, Cat has a lifelong love affair with knowledge. We here on the Lightning Junkies Team are excited to watch him go down the rabbit hole of the Lightning Network. In their free time, Cat enjoys creating. Anything from Jackson Pollock-esque painting to full blown five course meals. As long as he is working with his hands, we have a happy Cat.