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In this 46th episode of the podcast we have Rusty Russell and Fiatjaf. Rusty is a protocol dev and Fiatjaf is a full stack dev that have both contributed quite a lot to the Lightning Network ecosystem. In this episode we have an “Off the Cuff” episode where we allow these two juggernauts of the Lightning Network riff and interact with as little introduction as possible. Hope you enjoy this best of both worlds!

We talk about:

  • 2:53 - LNURL
  • 7:41 - Lightning Network as a Messaging Layer
  • 11:49 - How do you determine the speed of development?
  • 15:36 - BIP Style System for LN App Layer Development
  • 28:18 - Rusty and Liquid Network Sidechain
  • 37:08 - ANYPREVOUT and Eltoo
  • 50:34 - Call(s) to Action
  • 57:00 - Negative Outlook for Lightning Network
  • 1:00:20 - Positive Outlook for Lightning Network

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