LNJ011 - Shinobi talking about why Lightning Sucks and Why Nobody Should Use it
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LNJ011 - Shinobi talking about why Lightning Sucks and Why Nobody Should Use it

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This is Episode Eleven of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode, we have Shinobi talking about why Lightning sucks and why nobody should use it. This is a trolly title went to exaggerate what I expected Shinobi to talk about. He ends up having a very balanced opinion on Lightning, even possibly seeing it as the future of Lightning. This is 1 of 2 episode series based on being skeptical of Lightning and exploring arguments against it. Stay tuned for next week when we have 2 of 2 of this series.In this episode, we talk about:

  • Shinobi's Background
  • Reasons for getting into Bitcoin
  • Challenges of Lightning
  • Transaction Fees Going Up
  • Exchanges Issue/Liquidity Issue
  • Arguments Against Lightning
  • Future of Lightning
  • Shitcoins/Relevant Features
  • Channel Constructs
  • Scaling Bitcoin with L2
  • Smaller Blocksize
  • Blocks Transmitted over Radio
  • Bigger Blocks
  • Bitcoin vs Shitcoin Memes
  • Lightning Privacy
  • Spend or HODL?
  • Shilling or Naw?
  • Tipping Point for Adoption
  • L2 Cold Storage
  • Favorite Apps
  • Lightning Darknet Markets

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