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This is the sixteenth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode we have Will O'Beirne best known for his Joule Lightning Wallet browser extension. Joule is a browser extension that allows you to access a remote LND node and do things such as create or pay invoices. Will has also created other apps and has created a tutorial to create your own Lightning web app.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Starting in Ethereum
  • Why Bitcoin?
  • Ethereum Waste of Time?
  • Early Bitcoin Projects
  • First Project on Lightning
  • Joule Chrome Extension
  • Joule Dev Taking Back Seat
  • Favorite Lightning Apps
  • Challenges Devloping with Lightning
  • TipHub
  • Polar
  • LN Web App Tutorial
  • Typescript vs Python
  • Difficulty of Tutorial
  • Getting more Devs on LN
  • Onboarding Ethereum Devs?
  • Future of Lightning
  • Gaming on Lightning
  • Ideal Lightning Apps
  • Privacy on Lightning Network
  • Building for Downtrodden Users
  • Addressing Use-cases in the Real World
  • Reoccurring Payments over Lightning
  • Roadblocks on Lightning

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