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This is the 22nd episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast, in this episode, we have Lightning Koala, best known for Satoshi's Place. A webpage similar to the "Million Dollar Homepage" or "Reddit Place" where you can only change a pixel at a time, but with the twist of having to pay for pixels with sats.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Getting into Bitcoin
  • 21 Bitcoin Computer
  • Bitcoin/Crypto Pitfalls
  • Getting a Job in Crypto
  • Satoshi's Place
  • Revenue for Satoshi's Place
  • Koala Studios
  • Chaincode Labs Residency
  • Lightning Chess
  • Lightning Game Mechanics
  • AAA vs Indie supporting Lightning
  • River Financial
  • Favorite Lightning App/Game
  • Lowering Barrier to Entry to Esports
  • Google Stadia
  • Hardware Sovereignty
  • Future of Lightning

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