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This is episode 23 of the Lightning Junkies podcast. This is also a joint release alongside my other podcast "What is Real?" Both episodes are both about an hour long and come from a two hour long conversation that was edited down. Rockstardev is a prolific developer who is best known for assisting with BTCPay Server, Zap, and just being an interesting guy with an interesting philosophy.    

We talk about:

  • Rockstarism
  • History
  • Meaning of Life
  • Reversing Expansion of Universe
  • Are we already in the simulation?
  • Life Finding a way Through Great Filter
  • Humanity a Bootstrapper for Machine Civilization
  • What's my Purpose?
  • Cyborgs
  • Reducing Entropy in Your Life
  • Finding a Community
  • What is BTCPay Server?
  • Working for Zap
  • Strike/Olympus
  • Zap and BTCPay Server
  • Scaling Through Coinjoins

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Bill Gates early coding video:

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