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Text transcript:

This is the 25th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. On this episode, we have Chris Stewart, founder of Suredbits. Suredbits provides data feeds that you can purchase with Lightning Network transactions. There is much more going on with Suredbits then what otherwise seem apparent, Lightning adoption is very much on their mind and we go into that in this episode. Not only that but I am asked multiple questions as well so I share my opinion about a few topics.We talk about:

  • Background
  • Bitcoin
  • Lightning infrastructure
  • Failover Lightning Nodes
  • Multiple Lightning Nodes as Redundancy
  • Reusing Capital for Lightning Failover Nodes
  • Arguments Against exchanges adopting Lightning
  • Lightning API Calls
  • Useful Lightning Services
  • Lightning/Bitcoin/Crypto Adoption
  • Lightning Gaming
  • Bitcoin in the Foreground vs Bitcoin in the Background
  • Is Lightning valuable because of Bitcoin or because of the technology of Lightning?
  • Bitcoin Dev vs Lightning Dev
  • Discreet Log Contracts (DLC)

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