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This is the seventh episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode, we have Giacomo Zucco talking about RGB, Spectrum, and Storm. RGB is a protocol to create additional layers on top of other networks/protocols like Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, sidechains, and state channels. Spectrum is an extension to RGB to allow liquidity functions on top of the Lightning Network. Storm is a file storage and messaging protocol on top of the Lightning Network. These protocols allow for Layer 3 functionality.  Thanks to Paralelni Polis for letting us use their Decentruck to record the podcast at the Lightning Network conference.

We discuss:

  • RGB
  • Spectrum
  • Storm
  • Potential Issues with "Top Heaviness"
  • Other possible issues with Layer 3
  • Issues with Lightning Network
  • Reasons to be excited by the Lightning Network
  • Favorite Talks at the Lightning Network Conference
  • Is Giacomo still a toxic maximalist?

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