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This is the first episode of the Jolt version of the podcast -- episodes that will last between 15-30 minutes in length in order to allow people with smaller amounts of time to get some good Lightning content. These episodes will be focused around devs working on Lightning Network apps or services.  

For the first episode of the Jolt episodes, we have Ross from Lightning Gifts. Lightning Gifts is a way to pay people over Lightning Network without waiting for them to create an invoice -- by using Bitcoin vouchers that you create and redeem on the Lightning Gifts website.

We talk about:

  • Ross' Background
  • Getting into Bitcoin
  • Lightning Gifts
  • Reasons to be Skeptical of Lightning
  • Custodial Wallets or Naw?
  • Getting Newbies into Bitcoin
  • Inflation
  • Lightning Network Community
  • Future LN Tech

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