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Special episode of Lightning Junkies podcast -- JOLT EDITION! In this episode, we broadly go into why Lightning is important, as well as starting points for our new Lightning Junkies including wallets, how to onboard, and more!

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This is our super special episode of Lightning Junkies podcast -- JOLT EDITION! We were asked multiple times to create an episode dedicated to newbies of Bitcoin and Lightning Network or blockheads as we call them. Consider this our first offering.

If you already have Bitcoin and already use the Lightning Network, this episode might not be as helpful for you but it might be a great way to catch up if you haven’t played with Bitcoin or Lightning Network lately.

In this episode, we broadly go into why Lightning is important, as well as some fun starting points for our new Lightning Junkies including wallets, how to onboard, and more!

Please find links to all the apps and services we mention in this episode down below.

We talked about:
0:00 - Intro
0:58 - Why Lightning Network?
3:42 - “Lightning Network is just a very smart way of using Bitcoin.”
5:02 - What are Satoshis/Sats?
5:56 - Custodial Wallet Section - Blue Wallet
7:52 - Middle Shelf Wallet - Phoenix Wallet
9:55 - Non-custodial Wallet -  Zeus
12:15 - Where can I get my first Bitcoin? - Cash App
13:11 - Onboarding to Lightning (US) - Strike/Bitrefill
13:59 - Onboarding to Lightning (US) - River Financial
14:43 - Onboarding to Lightning (UK) - BottlePay
15:14 - Onboarding to Lightning (UK) - CoinCorner
15:34 - Onboarding to Lightning (EU) - LastBit
15:53 - Exchanges supporting Bitcoin Lightning Network
16:29 - Spending over Bitcoin Lightning - Fold
18:20 - Spending over Bitcoin Lightning - Bitrefill
19:20 - Lightning Gaming - ZEBEDEE (Infuse)
20:52 - Earning Bitcoin over Lightning
22:12 - Wrapping Up

Non-Lightning Network products or services:
Block Explorer
Tool for tracking fee estimations.

A USB-like device used as a bearer instrument to illustrate that Bitcoin off-chain is still Bitcoin.

Lightning Network Wallets:

A Bitcoin wallet with Lightning Network features.
LNDHub gives you the ability to create accounts using an underlying Lightning node and allow friends/family members to use your node without needing to think about channels themselves.
Available on Android and iOS.

Phoenix Wallet
A wallet that abstracts away the backup process and channels for a straightforward experience.
Available on Android and on iOS Test Flight.

A Lightning wallet that attempts to abstract away the difficult UX of Lightning.
Gives you the ability to listen to podcasts and support value for value over Lightning.
Available on Android and iOS.

Muun is an Interesting Lightning wallet that does fancy voodoo in the background to provide a very friendly UX to new users.
Available on Android and iOS.

Node Operator Mobile Wallet.
Supports multiple implementations of LN (LND, C-Lightning, and Eclair.)
Allows a great deal of manual control over your Lightning node.
Available on Android and iOS

Places to trade for Bitcoin:

Cash App
Place to trade for BTC.
We suspect they will add Lightning Network withdrawals eventually.
Available on Android and iOS.

Places to trade for Bitcoin over Lightning Network:

Strike (US) Sign up for Strike and we both get $5.
Connect back acct to send Bitcoin, both on-chain and over Lightning.
Accept Bitcoin both on-chain and over Lightning.
Can accept tips from online using a Lightning invoice.
Offers 5% cashback with Bitrefill.

River Financial (US)
Bitcoin exchange with Lightning Network deposits and withdrawals.
Larger limits than Strike.
Frequently have Cash Back offers with Strike.

BottlePay (UK)
UK only for now
Allows Bitcoin Lightning Withdrawals.

CoinCorner (UK)
UK Exchange that allows Bitcoin Lightning withdrawals.
Note: We have not used this exchange so we cannot personally vouch for them. DYOR.

EU Strike-like product that allows deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin Lightning.

Exchange with Bitcoin Lightning Support

Exchange with Bitcoin Lightning Support

Exchange with Bitcoin Lightning support.

Places to Spend Bitcoin over Lightning:

Fold up for the first Bitcoin rewards card and get 5,000 sats for using my referral link to sign up for Fold!
Gives discount on Gift Cards when spending over Bitcoin Lightning.
Has a debit card that allows you to earn sats via gamified features.
Available on Android and iOS.

A place where you can spend your Bitcoin over Lightning.
Offers gift cards and calling cards for purchase over Bitcoin Lightning.
Earn 5% Cash Back on Strike and 1% on Bitrefill when used together.

Online retailer for gift cards that accepts Bitcoin over Lightning.

Places to Earn Bitcoin over Lightning:

Innovators of the Lightning Network Gaming Space
Infuse -
ZEBEDEE Wallet (Less good because it seems to block specific locations.)

Earn sats over Lightning by doing tasks for other people.
Get tasks done by people with Lightning Network payments.

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