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This is the 20th episode of the Lighting Junkies podcast. (Debuting on 01/20/2020! :O) On this episode, we have Matt Odell, Matt is best known for being a co-host of the Tales from the Crypt podcast. His co-host is Marty Bent. On this special 20th episode of the podcast, Matt talks about a range of topics that intersect Bitcoin and some that don't. In the episode, Matt talks about securing your own oxygen mask first in order to better help others in their Bitcoin adventures.

Topics in this episode:

  • Getting into Bitcoin
  • Path getting into Bitcoin
  • 2013 Bull Market vs 2017 Bull Market
  • Bull Market without Ethereum?
  • Bull Market in 2020+?
  • Samourai Nodl
  • Casa vs Nodl
  • Spending on Lightning IRL?
  • Regulatory UX
  • Importance of Privacy
  • Bitcoin Surviving Ban?
  • Altcoins Left Unscathed
  • BTCPay Server
  • Liquid on BTCPay
  • Exchanges Suck
  • Lightning Wallet with Samourai Privacy Design Philosophy
  • Privacy Improvements
  • Closed Loop/Circular Economy
  • Onboarding Users
  • Tales From The Crypt
  • Giving Back ┬áin BitcoinLand
  • Going Fulltime Bitcoin
  • Secure Your Mask First
  • Self Sufficiency

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