LNJ028 - Lisa Neigut Talks Lightning Network Primitives
c-lightning Dev Talks Covid-19

LNJ028 - Lisa Neigut Talks Lightning Network Primitives

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Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/a4430c0b-f391-48f2-b2fb-2c797028a758

This is the 28th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode we have Lisa Neigut! Lisa is best known for working at Blockstream, working on their implementation of the Lightning Network called C-Lightning. Most recently at Blockstream, Lisa has been working on a plugin for accounting tools on C-Lightning amongst many other things!

We talk about:

  • Lisa backstory as an Android App Developer
  • Lisa’s entrance to Bitcoin and Lightning
  • Working for Blockstream
  • Unix Epoch Problem
  • BIP Process
  • Lightning Network Primitives
  • Penalty Transactions
  • Ways to Improve the Lighting Network
  • Eltoo
  • Lisa’s Writing
  • Corona
  • Toilet paper Shortages

Lisa’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/niftynei

Lisa’s Tech Blog: https://basicbitch.software/

Lisa Writing: https://futuresight.substack.com/

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