LNJ030 - Alex Gladstein Talks Privacy with the Lightning Network
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LNJ030 - Alex Gladstein Talks Privacy with the Lightning Network

Lightning Junkies
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This is the 30th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode we have Alex Gladstein! Alex has a background as a human rights activist. He is currently working as the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. Alex is a proponent of using the lightning network as a layer to maintain financial privacy.

We talk about:

  • Alex’s background
  • Use Case of Bitcoin
  • Lightning as a Solution to Scaling
  • Bitcoin + Human rights
  • Privacy
  • Bitcoin’s dark beginnings
  • Lightning’s use case in gaming
  • Doubts of Lightning
  • Covid’s Effect on Privacy

Alex’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/gladstein
Human Rights Foundation Twitter: https://twitter.com/HRF
Oslo Freedom Forum Twitter: https://twitter.com/OsloFF

Human Rights Foundation Website: https://hrf.org/
Oslo Freedom Forum Website: https://hrf.org/events/oslo-freedom-forum/watch/

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