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This is the 38th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode we have Pavel Dolzhenko! Pavel is the founder of Graaf One. Graaf One is a Lighting Network based exchange located in Canada. Graaf One has recently opened to international users that wish to try out their service. Currently they only offer Canadian users a way to onboard with Canadian fiat.

We talk about:

  • 5:41 - Background
  • 16:20 - E-Transfers
  • 18:06 - Is there a downside to having no minimums?
  • 19:35 - How does the process of onboarding International Users differ from Canadians?
  • 20:52 - Do you plan to expand to international users?
  • 26:04 - How can we get people to see the usefulness of Lightning?
  • 29:49 - Challenges of getting noobs into Bitcoin
  • 33:28 - How are we going to get Bitcoin to be mainstream?
  • 37:55 - Future of Bitcoin going?
  • 45:42 - Volatility of the price of Bitcoin
  • 47:41 - The future of Lightning Network
  • 51:19 - FUD
  • 52:44 - Paypal vs. Lightning Network
  • 58:31 - How to combat FUD

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