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In this amazing 39th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast we have JD and Dean of Sparkshot. Sparkshot is a website where users unveil a piece of art pixel by pixel using Bitcoin Lightning Network. They are also collaborating developing the microtransaction platform MoneySocket to help provide a pathway for Bitcoin Lightning to still perform microtransactions long term. Find out how these two different projects fit together and much more!

We talk about:

  • 5:09 - Background
  • 8:09 - VR 17:33 / 28:56 Sparkshot
  • 21:51 - NFTs and Counterparty
  • 26:05 - RGB
  • 37:43 - Future Feasibility of Microtransactions on Lightning Network
  • 40:25 - Moneysocket
  • 45:35 - Bolt13 / Superinvoices
  • 48:13 - Developing on Lightning Network as an Individual?
  • 53:37 - Future of Moneysocket
  • 1:09:12 - Bitcoiner Ideology

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