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This episode of the podcast is a #LightningFriday from October 29th, 2021. In this episode we had the Voltage team come on to explain their platform and what it has to offer. #LightningFriday is where we get together on Twitter Spaces to discuss the Lightning Network and take audience questions.

This week we have the Voltage team on to talk about node operations, management, and scaling.

Time stamps:
0:00 - Opening Remarks
5:12 - Voltage Team Introduces Themselves
7:03 - What is Voltage?    
10:15 - Can you trust Voltage?    
13:02 - What challenges would a new user experience?    
22:45 - What challenges would a business experience?    
27:17 - Is Flow suitable for larger businesses?    
32:05 - Why is BTC Pay Server warning people about Lightning Network?    
43:50 - Is Voltage going to in the Bitcoin Lightning stack for a business?
45:53 - Anticipatory Projects    
48:21 - Are there advantages to having more than one node?    
50:02 - The Controversial part: Why sidecar? Why not Liquidity ads?    
52:27 - Why LND?
56:43  - Thoughts on Liquidity ads?    
1:02:40 - How is UX friendliness growing the Lightning Network?    
1:10:25 - When is Voltage adding LNURL-Auth?    
1:25:06 - The Future of Voltage
1:12:54 - What about Voltage can be improved?
1:15:13 - Do you see Voltage changing over time?
1:16:20 - Why does Voltage suck? How could it improve?    
1:18:00 - Geographic Diversification of Voltage Cloud Infrastructure    
1:20:25 - What is the future of the Lightning Network?    
1:23:20 - Has Voltage built any monitoring infrastructure?    
1:25:07 - Lightning Address    
1:29:36 - What are you excited about in LN?
1:32:40 - When is the new version of BTCPay Server making it to Voltage?  
1:33:58 - How do we feel about LN as a data layer?    
1:42:25  - How to make Lightning Network a data layer while protecting against spam?

Our Guests:
* Graham; Voltage CEO (
* Nate; Support Engineer (
* Bob; Infrastructure Engineer (

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