Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Lightning Junkies?

“Lightning Junkies” refers to how we are obsessed with the Bitcoin Lightning Network and the endless rabbit hole that it entails. In order to stay on top of the developments within the Bitcoin Lightning world, you have to be obsessed, you have to be a Lightning Junkie!

What is a Lightning Junkie?

Someone who attempts to learn about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network with an inquisitive mindset. They do not allow themselves to get swept up in hype mindlessly.

Someone with skepticism and healthy critical thinking skills.Someone who would know to put their own mask on first. This person would be willing to teach themselves new things.Step outside their comfort zone. Discover something new about themselves. Examples of this might be learning to code and/or creating content to help educate people. Other examples might create DIY hardware projects to teach themselves and others interesting ways to implement this fascinating technology.

What makes Lightning Junkies different?

Lightning Junkies is both a technology education podcast and a people podcast. We are intensely obsessed with learning as much as possible about all things Lightning. But more than that, we are interested in learning about the people building on Lightning.

We do this because we want to stay interested, creative, and invested in the content that we produce. We also do it because we know our audience likes to experience the humanity of our interview guests.

Beyond this, we embody the desire to give back to the community by producing content that appeals to both newbies and more experienced Lightning users.

Lightning Junkies episodes are released every two weeks. Jolt episodes will be released on alternating weeks. Each Lightning Junkies episode generates 400-500 plays within the first month of their release. Our audience is very much like us: they are dedicated to learning more about the Lightning Network and are very engaged in learning about this subject matter. We currently exist primarily on typical podcast platforms via Anchor.fm along with YouTube.

We passed 10,000 total plays in May! Currently we boast over 12k plays across 32 episodes!

Why do we need Sponsorship?

Podcasts are not cheap to produce. We spend a lot of time making each podcast episode as streamlined as possible. We believe that having clean audio and a fully accurate transcript makes our content as accessible as possible. It also makes for a pleasurable experience and this is a big part of our podcasting philosophy. We wish to create the podcast that we ourselves would listen to.

We feel that the next stage of our business includes expanding our operation in multiple different ways. This includes:

  • Creating video content relating to the podcast that would be uploaded to Youtube.
  • Expanding our written content.
  • Producing content that is more open to Lightning Network newbies.
  • Outsourcing as much work of the podcast as possible as to maximize bandwidth.

What are the Sponsorship opportunities?

Lightning Junkies is an opportunity for you to invest in a growing podcast. It is an opportunity for you or your brand to present yourself to our very discerning fans. We will ensure our listeners know all about your product and give you the best chances of success!

Your sponsorship gives us the opportunity to continue spreading the gospel of the Lightning Network.

Electron Package - $500

  • Shout out on Twitter
  • Ad placement at beginning of Lightning Junkies podcast. (30 sec)
  • Ad placement at end of Lightning Junkies podcast. (30 sec)
  • 2x 15 second ad on Jolt Episode
  • Logo/Banner on the Episode Show Notes
  • Permanent placement on our site as previous sponsor

Spark Monthly Sponsorship - $1100

  • Multiple shout outs on Twitter
  • Ad placement at beginning of two Lightning Junkies Episodes. (30 sec)
  • Ad placement at end of two Lightning Junkies Episodes. (30 sec)
  • 2x 15 second ad on two Jolt Episode
  • Logo/Banner on the Episode Show Notes
  • Permanent placement on our site as previous sponsor
  • Ad Placement on One Month of Content (Two Lightning Junkies Episodes and Two Jolt Episodes)
  • Shout out in our monthly Newsletter

Thunderstorm Exclusive Quarterly Sponsorship - $4500

  • We will marry ourselves to your brand for an entire quarter.
  • You should expect everything you get in the
  • We’ll talk about you or your brand, we’ll create content for you on Youtube, we’ll do whatever we can to champion your brand as much as we champion our own.