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Our Goals

Lightning Junkies is a small team with a big dream: Help to increase financial freedom throughout the world. The theme taken on with this podcast was the Lightning Network. A payment network that is set to massively increase the utility of Bitcoin.

With Lightning Junkies, it is our goal to help onboard people to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. We will do this by creating content that we ourselves find interesting and engaging. We will gear our content to both the advanced technical user as well as the complete newbie.

If you find our content valuable and informative, please support what we do. We spend a good amount of time, money, and effort on this project!

There are various ways to do that, the first that we would be listening to our podcast or boosting us via Breez's Podcast feature. You can find other value 4 value apps like this at

Current Supporters

In our journey to learn and share this Lightning learning adventure with all of you, we have found some supporters along the way that help make this show possible. We ask our supporters to support us despite not doing any ad reads on our end. We agree to announce it on Twitter, mention it on our show notes, and we place them here.

We think Lightning Junkies is good for the Lightning Network ecosystem because it serves as a broadcast medium for new information for this very valuable financial network. We hope with financial leverage we are able to expand this vision with additional content and shows.

Bitcoin 2022

This is a Bitcoin themed conference in Miami, Florida. We went to previous conferences and found the Lightning content lacking. In this 2022 conference they are dedicating themselves to improving their Lightning Network content!
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Evan Kaloudis from Zeus Wallet (On Episode LNJ019)

Evan bought our one and only Lightning Junkies Membership. He created #LightningFriday and he helps to ensure the FOSS Zeus Wallet exists. We would highly recommend you try out Zeus Wallet if you haven’t already, make sure to tell Evan Lightning Junkies sent you! You can check out Zeus here:

If you feel the need to direct support us, just know you would be helping two people obtain their dreams of financial freedom while learning about this beautiful technology. Thank you for whatever you think we deserve.